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Building of Eyl Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration center

Daawad is one of the villages of Eyl district in Nugaal region. It is located 240 km from Garowe capital of Nugaal region of Puntland Somalia. Eyl is an ancient town with rich of historical buildings, architects and remainders of their past rulers. It is located between beautiful mountains 5km away from Badey village of Eyl at the coast of Indian ocian. Eyl is home to several historic castles and structures dating from the 1900s and earlier period. It is an ancient port town in the northeastern Nugal region of Puntland state of Somalia, it is the capital of the Eyl District. Eyl, also called Illig, was the capital of the Dervishes from 1905 to 1909. Eyl is the site of many historical artifacts and structures. Along with a rock shelter near the southern town of Buur Heybe, it is the seat of the first professional archaeological excavation in the country. At the turn of the twentieth century, the city served as a bastion for the Dervish forces of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan. Several forts remain from this period, in addition to colonial edifices built by the Italians. Daarta Dhowre Sheneeleh, a prominent fort from the Darawiish era, is located in the city. The notion of the building of fortresses for Dervish inhabitation was conceived in 1903 when the Dervishes built a fort at Eyl also called Illig The economy of Eyl depends on livestock rearing, Fishing, farming and small and medium scale businesses activities like shops, stores and cafes, Offices of telecommunication companies, and few humanitarian agencies operating in Daawad village of Eyl. Prior to the start of the civil war, Eyl was one of the chief fishing hubs in Somalia. Tuna, lobster, and other high value marine stock were harvested locally for domestic and international seafood markets. The people of Eyl district were affected by different challenges including floods destroyed the agricultural farms during the last raining season which influenced the daily activities and availability of agricultural cash and food crops for the farmers who were waiting for their harvesting time. The impact of the covid-19 also affected the residents of Eyl and surrounding villages as the selling price of their livestock products prices goes down. We likewise visited and observed the impact of the floods and the situation of the farmers and production of agricultural farms. Due to the impact of the floods the production of crops were very low. Most of the farmers were not harvested last time and this discouraged them to plant this season except few trying to overcome that challenge but needs to support building of Farmer managed natural regeneration to get seeds and training and other technical support needed. ACF prepared and completed fencing of 200m by 200m by steel wire to protect the FMNR site. The distance to the water source is bit a challenge for FMNR but the existing of ACF supported privately owned farm through construction Drip irrigation canal the Farmer managed natural regeneration project can access water from the nearby well of the neighbouring farm. The new crowd funding of the FMNR will help Farmers in Eyl district to get sufficient seeds for cash and food crops and centre to germinate plants and conserve the environment by the FMNR champion committee to monitor and follow-up the status of the environment and mobilize people cutting the trees. Eyl community and their diaspora are expected to raise $ 6,030.93 of contributions to cover the estimation cost of building school fence with allocated matching fund of $12,859.20 from Restore project. Through joint consultation meeting the community with the district administration appointed the fundraising committee of 7 members to carry out the fundraising campaign of the construction of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration project. The Project will use the Bulshokaab platform to track the transactions of the bank accounts and contributions from community members and the diaspora. Through Bulshokaab, members of the public will be able to access these financial transactions by visiting

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Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
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Building of Eyl Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration center