About Us

We Come Together To Make Long Lasting Change.

BULSHOKAAB is one of the first Somali donation-based crowdfunding platforms for Organizations that aims to support communities and youth initiatives across the Somali regions. The platform built in partnership with Somalia Resilience Program (SOMREP) has been made possible with funding from the multi-donor fund, EU.

Through partner organizations, Bulshokaab goes above and beyond when it comes to uplifting projects by providing matching funds. With financial support from EU, Shaqodoon ACTED SomRep consortium  are currently co- implementing a programme, called  South West State Drought Recovery Program , whose aim is to minimize  the impact of environmental shocks, improving the ability of communities to develop managing strategies against future shocks and making informed decisions about changing livelihood opportunities while enabling communities to continue to adapt and thrive despite stressful conditions in Somalia’s Southwest State, this project currently is been piloted Xudur & Qansadhere.

Bulshokaab platform entails a funding scheme that will match resources mobilized by the local community and the diaspora. Matching contributions will come from SomRep consortium in order to encourage across-community collaboration.

Bulshokaab platform is designed to support South-West state Drought recovery project, SomReP consortium organizations will be able only to mobilize and match contributions and donations to community and district projects in the South-West state of Somalia particularly Hudur and Qansaxdheere districts. However, as SomRep is committed to building household and community resilience to drought and related risks in Somalia, it is expected that the crowdfunding components will be introduced soon to other areas of intervention.

Our mission

Ignite change by giving voice to the community and individuals to create initiatives & make change in their communities. Inspire change by empowering community and individuals to take initiatives, network collaborate among themselves and create strong connection between diaspora and communities of origin

Our core values

  • Empowerment
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Igniting Vision

Why Bulshokaab? It's a donation, not a loan

BULSHOKAAB is the one of the first donation-based platforms focused on organization mobilizing co-matching funds for community driven projects. All donation go directly to the communities.

We make it go further with matching donation

Through our partner organizations we go above and beyond when it comes to uplifting projects by providing matching funds when project targets are reached.

You choose where to make an impact

There is so many projects that you can choose from, you will be able to donate to projects that are close to your heart and your values.

Community led-change

We aspire to empower the community by letting them create positive changes that contribute to the development of their societies and create opportunities for themselves.

Safe and easy to use platform

Bulshokaab platform offers a safe and secure environment to ensure a trusted fund-raising experience.

Transparency, no hidden-cost

All transaction incoming and outgoing will be visible on the platform ensuring transparency and making sure 100% of the funds reach intended communities.