How it Works

Not sure where to begin? find all of your answers here.

STEP 1, GAME CHANGER. Submitting projects:
Communities (endorsed by their local government) and initatives (endorsed by SomReP) can submit projects to Bulshokaab.

STEP 2, COLLABORATION. Selecting the best projects:
An expert panel reviews and decides whether the project proposals which have been submitted meet the criteria to qualify for funding through BULSHOKAAB.

STEP 3, SUPPORT. Start raising awareness for your project:
Selected projects will receive a start-up workshop, community will have access to one on-one support on how they can create awareness about their project with support from SomReP.

STEP 4, KEEPING YOU INFORMED. Accountability and Transparency:
On Bulshokaab you can see which individual has donated which amount and how the money is used for the project. Besides insight into the financials of each project we also show you what kind of progress the project makes and provide you with regular updates from the project. The community and partners provide regular updates through the platform, so you know how your contribution is making a difference.

Campaign tips:
Learn how to run a successful fundraiser from our campaign experts.

Plan ahead:
Create a social presence by setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts if you haven’t already.

Make it compelling:
From the title to the visuals, your campaign should inspire potential donors to contribute.

Share & update:
Share your campaign via social media channels and ask your friends to do the same.